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    The vertical locking side supports the roofing system
      The vertical roof support system is usually suitable for the relatively small curvature of the radius, the structure is more complex spherical, c...
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    QIJIA Building Technology Co., Ltd. has advanced equipment and high-quality technical personnel, the product covers all areas of the building system for customers with a variety of cost-effective products. QIJIA focus on details, excellence; standard and sophisticated production; safety, quality and efficient installation to ensure the quality of the project, in the industry has a good reputation. We have an independent import and export right, and we have established a good relationship with international material suppliers.   QIJIA Housing is a subsidiary of QIJIA Building Technolog。
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    welcome to be a distribution partner of HSD prefabricated building technology
    our products exported to more than 50 countries and regions in asia,africa,middle east,oceania and so on
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