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    The vertical locking side supports the roofing system

      The vertical roof support system is usually suitable for the relatively small curvature of the radius, the structure is more complex spherical, curved and specific modeling roof, such as sports venues, senior clubs, business centers, senior villas, etc., can be a perfect realization of the architects of various Conceptual Design of Specific Architectural Modeling. System to take full account of aesthetics, structure, wind pressure, displacement, insulation, waterproof and other factors reasonable design and construction, to ensure perfect system performance.

      The advantages of the vertical lock side support roof system

      1 to meet the architects and users of the arc, spherical and three-dimensional curved arc and other special geometric appearance of the roof requirements;

      2 structure is simple, lightweight, safe;

      3 vertical height, small aluminum plate loss, the load is small, high structural stability;

      4 system uses a fixed fastener and sliding fastener combination, the absorption of thermal expansion and contraction caused by displacement, to prevent plate deformation or cracking;

      5 to meet the user on the roof insulation, heat insulation, noise reduction and other performance requirements;

      6 with mechanical double bite, do not use chemical glue caulking, can avoid environmental pollution and aging problems, to extend the service life;

      7 materials with the protection of anti-corrosion properties of aluminum alloy, titanium and other materials, the use of dark button fixed, the surface without exposed screws, roof, skylight, gutter and other proper technical treatment, with a reliable overall structure and waterproof performance.