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    Aluminum magnesium manganese board experts to explain the principle of steel roof corrosion

      Steel construction roof anti-corrosion construction to go through some pre-treatment measures. The pretreatment means are divided into manual processing, chemical treatment, mechanical treatment and so on. The so-called chemical treatment, as the name suggests is the use of alkaline or acidic solution, so that the surface of the oil and oxides dissolved in alkaline or acidic solution to achieve the removal of the workpiece surface oxide, rust and oil purposes. But if the time control properly, even if the corrosion inhibitor, but also can cause corrosion of steel phenomenon. For more complex structural parts and holes in the parts, if handled properly, immersed in the pores or cracks in the residual acid is difficult to completely remove, will become a hidden danger, so the chemical treatment for thin plate cleaning. And chemical substances volatile, high cost, if the chemical emissions improper handling, will cause serious environmental pollution. With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, this approach is being replaced by mechanical treatment.

      Here to talk about mechanical treatment. Mainly including shot blasting method and shot blasting method. Shot blasting is divided into shot peening and sandblasting. With shot peening for surface treatment, combat force, cleaning effect is obvious. But the shot pills easily deform the sheet workpiece and can not completely remove the oil. Clean up the best effect should also be sandblasting, apply to the workpiece surface requires a higher clean-up. Shot Blasting is the use of centrifugal force to projectile acceleration, projecting to the workpiece for rust removal method. H-shaped steel components after welding into the shot blasting rust closed space, the steel surface of the surface of the rust in the surface of the surface of the shot blasting rust, shot blasting process in addition to the role of rust, but also can eliminate H-beam components The residual stress produced after the welding is completed, and the stress state of the steel member after the load is applied. The use of shot blasting equipment, with the use of traditional manual rust, sandblasting compared with rust, with a longer corrosion resistance of steel structure to improve the characteristics of component stress state. But the shot by the venue to limit the surface of the workpiece is easy to produce clean the dead ends, complex equipment structure, leaves and other parts of the wear and tear, one-time high cost of investment.

      Next, the aluminum magnesium manganese board experts to focus on the principle of steel structure roof corrosion.

      The corrosion rate of steel structure is regularity: ① first fast after slow; ② coastal or wet environment fast; ③ heavy industrial area is urban 2 times, is the mountain, pastoral 10 times; ④ no rust layer than rust Layer 5 times faster; ⑤ outdoor for the indoor 4 times.

      Steel roof corrosion is an important problem that must be solved in the design, construction and use of steel structure. It involves many problems such as durability, cost, service performance and maintenance cost of steel structure.