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    Stepped roof system

      Modern architectural design is constantly looking for new highlights. To this end, from the simple installation technology and a variety of innovative design ideas, the development of industrial laying system. Ladder roof, metal roof of the new program, the use of patented technology for the traditional roof system to provide high-quality alternative. The ladder roof system can be built on a roof with a slope of 10o to 75o for different roof shapes. The ladder-type roof prefabricated insert is made of different metal roof panels and can be easily assembled in conjunction with the appropriate fixing system. From the design point of view, the ladder roof provides a wide range of possibilities, the ladder system can create a strong and elegant style of the roof, with a variety of environments. Plus a new connection structure and innovative accessories tailored to the details of the roof, make the design and style of the ladder roof more perfect.

      The ladder-type roofing system uses a variety of roofs, especially the transformation of old and new buildings, from the modern architectural beauty to get a nostalgic feeling, metal plate and its color can choose a large range, with long-term aesthetic effect. The overall structure of light weight, high strength, a higher capacity to withstand static load. Long life, waterproof and reasonable cost, low maintenance.